Let's use clean energy to improve our daily lives.

Induction cooking is a major home improvement.
We make it easier than ever to get induction into your home.

Experience the joy of induction

The most powerful boil.
The most precise simmer.
Delightfully easy to clean.

Improve your home air quality

It's time to stop burning fossil fuels in our homes. Children in homes with gas ranges are 42% more likely to develop childhood asthma.

The Difference Of Energy Storage Equipped Appliances

  • Easy Install

    Plug-and-play installation saves thousands of dollars and a mountain of hassle when replacing gas.

  • Battery Backup

    If the power goes out, you can keep cooking and even plug in other home essentials.

  • Peak Power

    Run a high power stove off a standard 120v outlet with the help of the battery.

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