Introducing Charlie

October 04, 2023

White Charlie Range in a Kitchen

It’s our pride and pleasure to introduce you to Charlie, the world's first Energy Storage Equipped (ESE) induction range.

If you get a Charlie range in your home, here’s what you can expect:

Precision and Power

Induction cooking is the most powerful and precise way to cook. Unlike gas stoves, which have poor efficiency and imprecise temperature control, Charlie offers unparalleled cooktop precision in low temperature ranges and top-end power to delight chefs and home cooks alike. The onboard battery architecture also means Charlie’s oven preheats twice as fast as the competition.

Effortless Installation

Charlie can plug into a standard 120v outlet, dramatically simplifying the complicated and costly installation associated with traditional induction ranges. Rather than rewiring your house, a two person delivery team can install Charlie in less than one hour. Then the battery provides up to 10 kilowatts of energy for a high-powered cooking experience. 

Intuitive Controls

Charlie was designed around the concept that anyone who has used a stove can use this stove. Knobs and simple interfaces mean everyone is comfortable cooking on this device. 

Resilience for Days 

In an era marked by increasingly severe weather events, power outages pose a significant concern for homeowners. Charlie’s onboard battery ensures continued cooking capability even during outages. 

Flexible Cooking Surface

With four symmetrical inductors, you can use either large or small pots in any position and deliver either high-heat or the most gentle and precise low-heat. Move pots around as more guests show up and the meal plan changes. Boil a stock-pot in the back while whisking a small saucepan up front. Or sear steak on the front while melting butter in the back. A smooth symmetrical cooktop makes it easy.

Use Clean Renewable Energy

As the global shift towards renewable energy accelerates, balancing electricity supply and demand becomes paramount. Charlie plays a pivotal role in this transition by charging during periods of peak renewable energy production and avoiding charging during peak consumption times. For folks with solar on their homes, this builds on the value of your investment by aligning charging with your solar system’s energy production. 

In the coming months, we’ll be installing the first Charlie ranges in customers homes, and look forward to giving you a chance to order one in 2024. Please sign up to the waitlist for your chance to order.