We Make Energy Storage Equipped Appliances

To address climate change, we need to electrify every home and deploy a large amount of storage to the grid.

Turns out, it is easier to do both when we do them together.

Induction Cooking Is The Future

Induction cooking is a game changer. Using electricity to directly heat the pan it is the most powerful, most precise, and cleanest way to cook.

We want to help more people experience the magic.

Batteries to Serve You and Your Community

Until now, switching to induction has meant thousands of dollars of electrical work.

No more.

With an on-board battery, you can plug into a normal wall outlet.

Plus, you'll have the only electric range that works during a power outage, and allows you to run your fridge and other home essentials as well.

Or you could take it out to the park. We've done that.