Overstock Experimental Range.

Channing Street Copper Company

$1,600.00 Regular price $2,699.00
While building the first Channing St Copper Co. Charlie ranges, we acquired an overstock of LG induction ranges - LSE4616ST

These are in their original factory packaging and available for collection at our workshop in Berkeley.
icon Dimensions

29 7/8 inches wide

28 15/16 inches deep, including handle

37 7/8 inches total height

36 inches height to cooking surface. Adjustable feet can add up to 1/2 additional inch.

4.55 cubic feet oven capacity.

icon Power Specifications

Electrical Requirement: 120v, 15A

Inductor Output: 3200W

Auxiliary Output: 120VAC, 60 Hz

icon Battery Details

4 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4).

LiFePO4 is a battery chemistry with a very long lifetime, lasting roughly 4x longer than conventional lithium batteries. Even with daily use, the battery will retain 80% of its capacity for around 20 years.

LiFePO4 is also a very safe battery chemistry, free from the thermal runaway exhibited by conventional lithium batteries. In this way, it's safer in your home than your laptop or phone battery.

icon Warranty

We offer a full 1 year manufacturer's warranty on Charlie. We will repair or replace any defective parts or parts that fail from normal wear and tear.

icon Gas Range Retirement

If you are replacing a gas range, when we deliver Charlie, we will collect your gas range and deliver it to a recycling facility.

icon Rebates & Tax Credits

With the federal 30% battery tax credit, the final cost will be approximately $4,200.

Federal induction range incentive of $840 rebate will apply to anyone switching from a gas range and earning less than 150% of Area Median Income.

Bay Area local incentive or $750 rebate will apply to to anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area switching from a gas range.

Additional local incentives may apply, and we will help ensure you get every applicable rebate or tax credit available.

For comparison, buying a conventional induction range and rewiring your Bay Area kitchen will exceed $5,000 in most cases.

Optional Extras

Optional Extras

We will offer limited edition California Walnut knobs and custom panel colors to people who pre-order Charlie. These options will come at additional cost, and you can choose these extras before your order ships.